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I think the experiences and lessons I learned will continue to serve me throughout my life. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, along with learning how to function in a group.

J. Ford

LEAD Program

Duke University

What is the Outdoor Institute?

The Outdoor Institute seeks to encourage and inspire youth; youth educators; volunteer, service, and community organizations in developing respect, empowerment, and leadership through high quality experiential programs.

The Experiential Model is a learner-centered approach to personal and team development. Rather than presenting information as a teacher or an expert, a facilitator creates situations which invite participants to discover their own answers to challenging issues. Participants are challenged to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, display leadership, take risks, and actively support teammates.

The Outdoor Institute provides a safe place for participants to learn from their mistakes and successes. We create an environment that promotes accountability and self-reliance while challenging participants to explore the margins of their comfort zone.

Ways we can help your Organization

Building Your Team

Developing Leadership Skills

Strategic Planning

Facilitating Meetings

Enriching Relationships

Enhancing Communication

Dealing with Conflict

Preparing For and Working Through Change

Planning and Leading Retreats

One major "Aha" was the amount of fun we had while learning; the atmosphere was great.

E. Boddy

LEAD Program

Duke University



. . . making this trip annual for new pledges.

T. Cales

President, Pi Sigma Epsilon

Meredith College



When I went I didn't know what to expect, and was very nervous and scared.

But the whole experience was great for me because I learned so much from the leaders and also from my peers.

S. Capps

Peer Discovery

Fuquay Varina High School


Groups that benefit from our services

Any group that would like to communicate and work together more effectively.

Senior Students preparing for life after High School.

Character Education Groups

Freshmen Orientation Programs

Peer Instruction Groups

Leadership Programs

Clubs and Organizations

Prep Academies

Youth Groups

Year Book Staffs

Athletic Teams

Faculty and Staff


Businesses and Corporations

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